Freddie Gray Is Just A Memory Now

I remember the first time that I heard about the death of Freddie Gray. I honestly acted like it meant nothing to me since it seemed that he was just another criminal that was killed while in custody. This may sound harsh, but I have always thought that people who were hurt while in jail could have avoided all of this if they had not committed crimes in the first place.

Before you start thinking I am one of those holier than thou people who like to sit around judging others while living a holy life, I have actually been arrested a few times in my life. I learned early on to listen when police talk, say as little as possible and just do what they say in order to stay out of trouble. It helped me, but other people were not as fortunate.

When the people of Baltimore decided to riot and tear up the city in protest, I thought they were being ridiculous. I could not see how burning down businesses and making a scene would possibly make anyone listen to them. When they decided to bring up charges against the officers, I realized that maybe this kind of stuff can actually be effective.

I was horrified when I watched the news and saw that no one was going to be charged for this. While I knew that murder was probably not going to happen, I at least thought there would be charges for negligence or something like that.

The sad thing is that this story is not talked about any more at all. It is like it never actually happened. Things in Baltimore are business as usual, which is really sad. Even though I remember Freddie Gray, it seems like many people in this city have not.